Mental Fitness Coaching


What is Mental Fitness Coaching?

We don’t expect people to run a marathon without completing any training and we wouldn’t label someone as having a swimming condition, if they were unable to swim. But with our mental health we expect our brain to work perfectly without any training, unfortunately we are not taught that we need to learn skills to keep our mind in good shape.

I can teach you how to do this through mental fitness coaching. This is how I work:

1. We have a conversation - you decide if you would like to work with me.

2. You take time to share a problem/s without judgement

3. I will ask you some questions

4. I teach you the fundamental concepts of mental fitness

4. We explore possible changes together through learning skills and tools.

5.Look at how to cope with life's uncertainties

6. Setting a goal with out an unhealthy judgement

7.You will discover personal growth and a way to figure out real problems

7. I will teach you some great self development mental fitness tools so you can start to help yourself after our first session



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Whether you need to talk through a problem or you are feeling stuck and are not feeling like the real you. I am here to help.

Mental Fitness Coaching moves you forward and helps you understand why you are feeling the way you are are, I can help you unravel your busy brain, your thoughts, and underlying beliefs, all of which are reasons for unhappiness.  I will teach you self coaching tools that we use as coaches, as well as creating a weekly plan just for you.

When we have the tools for understanding that our thoughts and beliefs are really the fundamental reason for feeling the way we do, we start to notice what we are thinking. When we notice what we are thinking we gain clarity, which helps us deal with relationships, over eating / drinking / working, stress, overwhelm and burn out, unhappiness, anxiety. 

Coaching with Lara can be a one off session or on going weekly sessions as long as you want them, you are welcome to book a session when you need some help and direction. That is what I am here for!

Included in your coaching session price will be helpful notes from the session e mailed to you and a helpful bespoke work pack if you chose to sign up for four consecutive weeks.




I offer a choice of a one off mental fitness weight coaching session to get you started with your personal weight loss project or a four week coaching weight loss project.

For four weeks we connect online using zoom for coaching once a week, I create a work book for you to support your weight loss journey and you learn how to lose weight by understanding why you are over weight and why we use food as an emotional distraction.

I will teach you how your hormones affect your weight and we will write a protocol together that makes sense and is achievable.

I know that your brain is in charge especially if you are an emotional eater, we can work together to help you not to feel the need to over eat again. Or if you do, how to plan for a big blow out and not feel guilty and beat yourself by eating more!




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When you coach with Lara you have someone in your corner cheering you on while standing on the sidelines pushing you forward. Lara has a humble spirit, an honest approach, and a heart for those struggling with any aspect of life. You never feel judged, always feel supported and you know that the coaching is all about you and your goals never about her. She is creative and clever finding new tools to get you to the next level. Lara thank you for your care and kindness.

D Belz