• Lara Hawkings

Being slim doesn’t equal happiness

Do you believe me? Ask yourself right now have you ever looked at a slim person and thought “everything would have been okay if only I was slim, like that person.”

If you have, you’re not alone. It is a common belief that slim people are happy, that they are successful, that they can chose whatever partner they want to because they are slim and more.

When we think something for a long time, our thought develops into a belief and becomes something that we don’t question.

So ask yourself another question “if I was as slim as I wanted to be, would I be truly happy?” really think about it………

If you have time, make a list of what makes you happy now………

The chances are you can think of a least a few. Telling ourselves we are unhappy because of this and that is not helpful for our mind-set.

This week try telling yourself things that give you the feeling of happiness. It doesn’t need to be a huge statement, recognise small moments of happiness, the more you can recognise them, the healthier your mind becomes.

Lara x

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