• Lara Hawkings

Experiencing Loss in 2020

Who knew 2020 was going to be so emotional, what a roller coaster we have been on. Every one of us has experienced our current situation differently; we have coped or not been able to cope in different ways. Sometimes we are coping, and at other times we may have felt down and depressed. I know I have felt plenty of different emotions which have affected the way I am with my family and friends. I am finding life quite oppressive at times this year. I am an optimist at heart, always looking for the bright side, however after Boris’s speech on the 22nd September my thoughts that the virus situation was going to last at least another six months was confirmed.

More loss, more rules, lots of words being used! Words are the most powerful force available to humans. We can choose words kindly towards others, to give people encouragement or confidence, or we can use them destructively using words of despair. Words have the ability and their own power to harm others, stop progress, belittle and humiliate us.

Many different and new words have been used in the past six months, here are some that I have noticed, lock-down, spike, colossal spike, too little too late, strict measures, threat, law breaking, military, the fight, breaching the rules, flattening the curve, explosion, self-isolating, pandemic, quarantine, the front line, outbreak, suppress, we can’t return to normal, the new normal, wretched disease, stringent enforcement, vital, support bubble, should not socialise, control the virus, defeat, warning, bleak winter, restrictions, rise in deaths, operation moonshot.

In my opinion I find that these words are threatening and evoke fear. Words will trigger thoughts in our minds, which then trigger how we feel. Right now more than ever we need to look after ourselves and that means looking after our emotional state of well being.

If like me you are on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, wondering what is coming next, think about what words you are using in your language now. If you start to notice any words that evoke fear and perhaps a sense of a lack of control, be aware that you can choose what words to use.

Choose carefully, become aware of the words the media are using. Are they useful words? are the words going to help you through the next six months or are they likely to provoke a sense of loss?

Being aware that words are powerful is a skill that may well prove beneficial to our mental health over the next six months.

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Lara x

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