About Me:

Hi, this is a little bit of Lara sharing time, so you get to know a bit about me and about why I have chosen to coach. From a very young age I have been helping people, it is something I am naturally drawn to do and feel comfortable doing. Being kind gives me energy and it feels like my life's purpose, that might sound a bit spiritual now that I have written it down, but I really mean it.


Consequently most of my jobs and carers have been caring ones, I have worked with children age four through to teenagers and adults, the oldest being seventy two. They all had something in common and that was requiring additional support in some way or another, whether that was a specialised learning disability, a physical disability, general anxiety, weight loss challenges, wanting to stop over drinking or individuals who just wanted to start feeling physically and mentally better in themselves.

I really do feel better equipped now than I ever have been to help and support others.


Pricing :

My prices are intentionally lower than other coaches, not because I am less qualified or experienced, but because I want to help, I don't believe in making coaching an exclusive therapy. That's why my pricing is based on my ethical belief that therapy should be accessible for everyone. Especially in 2020.

Please note that all my prices will be halved for any pupil / student who is age 4 - 21 during 2020, this has been a challenging year so far with plenty of life changes and different circumstances to adjust to. I work in a school and have seen first hand the effect that 2020 is having on our young people.